Land for Sale

An opportunity exists to purchase residential and agricultural land in Istria within an area of 6 to 12 miles from the sea.

At this time of economic crisis and with extremely low interest rates in the UK, this would be a very wise and safe choice to invest your money. Croatian residential land sold at 75/90 euros per m² in 2003 is now sold at 35/50euros per m². Agricultural land and woodlands sold at around 5/7 euros per m² in 2003, now sells at around 3/4 euros per m².

Croatia has joined the European Union since 1st July 2013 and the prices of the land are gradually increasing. If, following some research and obtaining financial advice, you decide to purchase Croatian land in Istria, the following are just some of the opportunities available:

47022 m² of woodlands (approximately ½ of a hill) - mainly oak trees
53691 m² of agricultural land, south-facing, some cultivated as vineyard
2850 m² of residential land in a fantastic position on top of hill, 330m above sea level
2040 m² of residential land approximately 7 miles from the sea

Property Purchase

Should you wish to invest in property in Istria, we would be happy to offer assistance with the language, contact with reliable legal professionals and local estate agents. A friendly and trustworthy local resident can help cut through the red tape.

For any further information about any of the above opportunities please contact us.